*slowly sinks into a fangirl abyss because of michelle dessler*

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[3/10] female characters: Michelle Dessler

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Tony: Hey, we’re going to survive this day. All right?
[Michelle nods.]
Tony: Come on. Get changed.
[Michelle heeds his advice and leaves.]
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When they told me you were dead… I love you. I didn’t realize how much until I though I’d lost you.

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have you noticed how tony is a much better, more interesting, less irritating character when michelle is in the immediate vicinity 

  • day 1, no michelle. tony is a pain in the ass and only exists to fuck shit up, squint at people, and complain about how jack and nina are probably screwing behind his back
  • day 2, michelle, tony is a much more interesting character, with motivations and shit, actually becomes a good boss, has a few awesome lines where you’re suddenly like hey i like this guy
  • day 3, married to michelle. everything’s pretty chill until she leaves CTU and is kidnapped then it all falls to shit and he treasons the fuck out of everything
  • day 4. divorced from michelle. angry bitter violent drunk. michelle shows up and he slowly starts becoming less of a crank until they reconcile and it’s like heyyy! cool tony’s back, using a broken lightbulb as a homing beacon and shit, you go man
  • day 5. they fucking killed michelle. what the fuck. tony goes apeshit and tries to kill henderson. then “dies”. it’s a clusterfuck.
  • day 7. michelle is still dead and things are just getting progressively worse. first he’s pretty evil, then he’s just kind of morally ambiguous, then he’s like Big Bad levels of evil and weeping and shrieking and jesus christ someone bring michelle back so he’ll stop.
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michelle dessler in 3x14

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8 Favorite Screencaps. Michelle Dessler (Reiko Aylesworth)

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Tony Almeida and Michelle Dessler

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Scarvey replay: 3x06

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